Tshirt Contest…

Hi all… Just as another addition to our birthday celebrations I’m launching a “SCRAP A TSHIRT” Challenge!! The only condition is the tshirt has to have clearly marked “” on it somewhere 😉

  • Head over to Custom Design and Printed and design a tshirt…
  • Pick the tshirt style you like, Pick the color (if applicable) and then upload your pic…
  • Click “review and order” TAKE A SCREEN SHOT…
  • Send the preview to me in an email to

and we will set up a poll for votes… the winner gets their tshirt printed and sent out to them FREE. PLUS we will add it to our sites (including our SCRAPMOJO fundraiser store) as a fund raising tshirt to help fund and all its prizes throught the year (winner will also get 5% profit of all sales made for the next 12 months!!) This will be an annual comp run each year with our birthday celebrations… so get your scrapmojo going and start designing 😉

4 Responses

  1. Cool Idea Kel! 😀

  2. It just walked up and slapped me in the head that idea LOL THANKS!! 🙂


  4. lol… thanks chelsey… MRS. CHELSEY i should say 😉 it sounds fun don’t you think?? 😀

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