OMGosh its been crazy!

I’d like to say between Birthday Celebration prep, work and having the worst cold I have ever had in my life! The freebies have been neglected… Booo!!

Sorry readers… I do have some bookmarked and set aside to add to a post as soon as I get time… which I hope will be within the next 48 hours (working tomorrow so the next day… UNLESS some great deal comes up on a car then we had to check it out because our budget is tight so any good deals means put on your running shoes lol) BUT I promise to try and make up for the absence very soon and in a big way…

Until then though whats going on??? no entries into the tshit comp, no people going nutzo over a free gift voucher to our blog readers… nothing… must be a bad week or 2 for you readers too?? nooh i hope not.. but then that means your not as excited as I am about these things lol.

4 Responses

  1. Every time I see scrapmojo I think of Mojo Jojo, the super villain from power puff girls…lol

  2. AHAHAHA yeeehhh LOL with the new hair cut i could pass as him too 😉

  3. Oh No! Now you made me think that too! I’ll be picturing Kel in a cape though!

  4. 😀 LOL!!! too funny!!

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