It’s about time… RIGHT? ..sorry all.. we’ve been MIA with the flu!! YUK

OK so its been WAY too long since the last post i know!!… I deserve a spanking lol… BUT as promised here is some HOT freebies for you all. Before I jump into that though this is just a REMINDER about our tshirt competition. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the winner get a 5% profit from ALL sales made on their tshirt design… over a year that could be a pretty penny!!

So without holding you up any longer 😉 Here they are::

Download here!



download el
download pp
download WA


Download here

Download here:

Download here:

Download Here
Download here


Thanks for looking and please leave some lovin…. TAKE CARE till next time!,


5 Responses

  1. Wow! Thats alot of freebies… see you in a few days, because thats how long its going to take to download all this.. lol *sends some love*

  2. 😀 i hope it keeps you ALL out of trouble 😉 Will be adding more once family have headed back home… freebies are on the mind lol 🙂

  3. Phew! Good thing I’m married to a computer nerd and we have a fast connection! Or good thing I’m married to a guy who believes in almost-instant gratification whenever possible. It didn’t take nearly as long to download all of those files as I thought it would.

    Thanks so much Kel! Now if I could figure out the best way to organize them so I could find things w/o having to go through 100 folders, or searching through 500 items in 4 folders I’d be a really happy gal. Hmmm, I think this calls for a photo database. Ooh, not a bad idea!!!

    The forum has gone German!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. AHAHAHAH!!! no no… we just moved and some other german fans moved into our graves lol

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