Explaining my absence and some freebies :)

Hi all. I’d like to make a quick note for all the forum members as well as our readers about my absence so far and for at least the next 2 months.

Due to some personal circumstances I have gone to visit family in another state for 2-3 months and due to this I am finding internet access as I go along. So at this time I wont be updating the blog or logging into the forum (the forum I will leave till I can sit back and catch up on it all. If I log in when I don’t have a good sit down session to attend to everything then log out I will loose my place in replying to posts, etc So for now I wont even be logging in. Sorry for the trouble it may cause everyone but honestly if I had a choice I’d love to be on there I miss you all!!).

TAKE CARE and sorry for the delays… I should be back up and running about xmas/JAN sometime and I promise to make up for all the lost freebies and time… until then here is just a really quick freebie list 😉

One Response

  1. OMG Kel – Hope everything is Ok Sweetie. I THOUGHT I hadn’t seen you online for a while. We all MISS you!
    Take care & I hope everything turns out better than you ever dared wish for.
    Miss you girl

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