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SwagGrabber has reach 500,000 hits & are Celebrating!
May 30, 2009

SwagGrabber is a great deals/coupons/freebies site that my friends over in the states LOVE using. Sheri really does have alot going on over there!

And Sheri’s site SwagGrabber has reached 250,00 visitors and 500,000 hits and she is celebrating by having a little contest (well NOT so little actually! The winner receives $100 worth of gift vouchers from Amazon) Here is the details of the contest::

To say thank you I am going to give one lucky reader a $100 gift card to Amazon!

To keep the momentum going there are going to be several ways to enter…

  1. Post a comment – one entry per person
  2. Refer a friend – have your friend enter and then post a comment with their name – one entry for each referral – no limit
  3. Post about this contest somewhere in a blog or forum, make sure to post a comment where you posted it – one entry for each post – no limit
  4. Add a Link to SwagGrabber on your blog – one entry
  5. Subscribe to my FEED – one entry per person
  6. Follow me on TWITTER – one entry per person
  7. Follow me on FACEBOOK – one entry per person

The contest will run from 8:00pm EST today 5/29 through Friday 6/5 at 8:00pm EST. The winner will be randomly drawn from all entries and will be announced at 9:00pm EST in the Chat Room….of course I will do a post about it but there will be an announcement made in the chat room!

So do us a favour if you do go to the site after reading about it on this blog please please post that we refered you… 😉 OH and here is the Link:: Click Here to go to the Page 🙂 Either way good deal hunting 😀

Coupons, Coupons and more Coupons…Links to help with Organization
April 23, 2009

I have a goal. My goal is to get my coupons organized so I can save even more money than I have been. While this post won’t be about Scrapping or about Scrap Addicts’ Blog/Forum…I feel it’s a necessary post. Mainly I’ve been researching how others organize their coupons and the different places you can get said coupons.

I am fairly frugal. Not as much as some of the blogs I follow…but I keep the budget going pretty good (even with a husband who LOVES to shop).

I have a few friends who have questions like me about the “best way” to clip/store/organize their coupons. Hopefully, one of the links I post here will have their answer. So far, I like what I see with these bloggers. They have A LOT of good ideas that I will try out. I know all of them won’t work for me…but I’m sure somewhere in here…my “perfect” coupon plan is just waiting to be discovered.

On to the links. I searched for Coupon Binder…I’ve tried the coupon pouches, the accordian file folders, shoe boxes with index cards…and I’m not real pleased with those. Maybe the Binder will be my savior?

My search began here:
This one was on my iGoogle page. On this site, the author Erin, has a spot for fellow bloggers to link to their sites…and their advice. There is a WEALTH of knowledge here. I’m amazed at how many people are out there who are researching and providing the info that people like me are looking for. To those who put in all the hard work, a BIG THANK YOU! Working 40+ outside of the home, raising a toddler and having a husband who works his 40+ outside of the home as well makes it impossible for me to get everything done that I need/want to do.

So anyway…a quick glance ruled out a few of the links (sorry but I know the shoe box/index cards and so on just don’t work for me, at least long term)

The links that did catch my attention: **** I want a stockpile like this one!

Ok…on to where I find my coupons/deals…
P&G eSaver

If you have any other suggestions/links, please feel free to post them. Once I get my binder together, I’ll test it out and give it a review.


NEW Coupons and Deals section added to our blog
March 26, 2009

Well I think since we are all deal junkies over at the Scrap Addict Forums I thought this would be a good addition to our Blog too….