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WEDDINGS!!!…. lots and lots of freebies!!
May 29, 2009

In celebration of starting our wedding section on the forum I decided to gather up some goodies that relate to weddings and love. There is not alot of wedding freebies out there that are up to my standards lol yeh i can be picky… but in general not alot to pick from so i’ve done a few searches and added things i think would look really good in a wedding journal or photobook.

I have also decided after much searching to make my OWN personal wedding journal that i can write in as the preparations for our wedding go ahead (don’t get too excited though our wedding could be up to 2/2.5 years away lol… but i like to be fully prepared and know exactly what i want so it turns out perfect 🙂 plus having a journal will give me the motivation to keep saving ever so slowly 🙂 )

Look inside for a VERY big list of freebies… and as always download them quickly while they last 😉 Enjoy!