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OMGosh its been crazy!
July 6, 2009

I’d like to say between Birthday Celebration prep, work and having the worst cold I have ever had in my life! The freebies have been neglected… Booo!!

Sorry readers… I do have some bookmarked and set aside to add to a post as soon as I get time… which I hope will be within the next 48 hours (working tomorrow so the next day… UNLESS some great deal comes up on a car then we had to check it out because our budget is tight so any good deals means put on your running shoes lol) BUT I promise to try and make up for the absence very soon and in a big way…

Until then though whats going on??? no entries into the tshit comp, no people going nutzo over a free gift voucher to our blog readers… nothing… must be a bad week or 2 for you readers too?? nooh i hope not.. but then that means your not as excited as I am about these things lol.

Update on our Birthday Celebrations
June 21, 2009

WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL!! i have enough for the minimum goodies i wanted to purchase for our birthday celebrations!!  THANKS ALANA and KARI for the donations!! 😀

NOW anything more will go to well.. BIGGER prizes… so instead of a $25 visa card it will be $30-35 and the gift certificates will either multiply to the digiscrap stores OR just go up to the next price bracket… $5-$10!!

so you all better get your butts into gear with post counts, contributing the the collab pages set and anything else that will get you in the running to win these prizes its going to be WAY worth it!!

AND for more info on how YOU can win these prizes check out the “Shout it Loud” Page 😉

Another FREEBIE run…Requests anyone?? and a Tutorial
June 9, 2009

Well i’m running out of creativity for themes for my posts lol… ARGH suggestion HERE please?!?!? Anyone? I bet you have a project coming up that you would like a whole heap of freebies to use??

I’m thinking of doing a search around for a big list then working down it slowly… but i’d much prefer to do my scavenger hunts for whatever you guys need 😉

I’m guessing we don’t have a big group of readers who follow our blog yet… but numbers arn’t important… your comments/requests are and i’m sooo very happy to see them… don’t be shy 😀

ok… all that said lets move on to the freebies 🙂 Tutorial is at the end 😉


Music runs through my soul….
June 7, 2009

Well I’m sitting here listening to some pick me up music and i’m feeling a little better…. so why not do a big freebies post for you all 😉

I’m humming and harring for themes at the moment… so i’m heading over to the forum and see what themes threads we have and i’ll be back with a theme….. HOW about abc books AND hrm… i’ll come up with the second one while searching lol scratch that i decided to do a total RANDOMNESS post lmao… sooo many goodies on my screen!! i have to share them!!

be back soon to add to this post …. until then enjoy this:: (make your own backgrounds 😉 )