Explaining my absence and some freebies :)
October 6, 2009

Hi all. I’d like to make a quick note for all the forum members as well as our readers about my absence so far and for at least the next 2 months.


AUGUST freebies… summed up
September 14, 2009

ok here is last months freebies.. some may be still working::


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ScrapMojo Fans!! BIG Freebies list just for you!!
August 17, 2009

Well the birthday camre and went and alot of other things are happening in my life at the moment and i never got around to posting some super nice freebies in celebration of our bday! So below you will find some yummy freebies! But I wuld also like to mention my blog posting may slow down for a little bit… I have some health issues I have to attend to and things are a little up in the air… BUt i promise to post when I can 😉

OK all that aside here is some FREEBIES!! yayyyeee 😀 You should get a FULL Kids/Baby book out of this (or even a fun colorful adults one if you anything like me 😉 )


It’s about time… RIGHT? ..sorry all.. we’ve been MIA with the flu!! YUK
July 14, 2009

OK so its been WAY too long since the last post i know!!… I deserve a spanking lol… BUT as promised here is some HOT freebies for you all. Before I jump into that though this is just a REMINDER about our tshirt competition. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the winner get a 5% profit from ALL sales made on their tshirt design… over a year that could be a pretty penny!!

So without holding you up any longer 😉 Here they are::


ScrapMojo.com Tshirt Contest…
June 22, 2009

Hi all… Just as another addition to our birthday celebrations I’m launching a “SCRAP A TSHIRT” Challenge!! The only condition is the tshirt has to have clearly marked “scrapmojo.com” on it somewhere 😉

  • Head over to Custom Design and Printed and design a tshirt…
  • Pick the tshirt style you like, Pick the color (if applicable) and then upload your pic…
  • Click “review and order” TAKE A SCREEN SHOT…
  • Send the preview to me in an email to kelly@scrapmojo.com

and we will set up a poll for votes… the winner gets their tshirt printed and sent out to them FREE. PLUS we will add it to our sites (including our SCRAPMOJO fundraiser store) as a fund raising tshirt to help fund scrapmojo.com and all its prizes throught the year (winner will also get 5% profit of all sales made for the next 12 months!!) This will be an annual comp run each year with our birthday celebrations… so get your scrapmojo going and start designing 😉

Blah.. dinner is cooking and i’m a little bored… time for a freebie :)
June 16, 2009

Hi everyone… not sure if you read about our birthday celebrations but its going to be BIG and lots of fun 😉 Anyway with birthday on the mind i think its a good time to find some birthday/celebrations freebies don’t you?

Remember to drop a line and leave some lovin so i know i’m not talking to myself here lol


our First Birthday is coming up soon!!!
June 14, 2009

Hi everyone i’m soo excited!!! Our FIRST birthday is nearly here! On the 8th of August we will be celebrating it and with this we have started to change face…SCRAPMOJO.com is our new home we have a website and will be launching a new look/branding on our forum. As you can see the blog has already moved into “ScrapMojo” mode and the new website I put together also reflects the new branding.

The website was a real quick put together and I have some big plans for the new site. I will add more to the website as time goes on… but I am also currently working on a new look for our forum (which will be released on the 08/08/2009) and lots of fun fun for the day of our birthday.

I plan on raising funds (either by selling some items i have lying around that are no longer needed or if you are all generous enough funds donated 😉 ). Giveaways will include one visa gift card, up to 4 gift cards to one or more digiscrap stores, a big collaboration for 1-3 lucky winners of quickpages we have made from some freebies we found online (fingers crossed enough to fill a 30page+ themed book), plus heaps more freebies and credits. So all up i’m looking at raising about $61AU+ ($49US+) for some goodies to give away at our Birthday Celebrations on our forum.  Check the WEBSITE if you are feeling generous and want to donate 😉

Now i need to be serious for a moment. The birthday celebrations WILL be held in a restricted area of the forum. It will only be accessible for members with a minimum of 40 posts. This does not mean come to the forum and slap together 40 posts of spam or gibberish lol… you can try BUT i add the members permissions manually so i’ll know if your posts are just to make post quota or not 😉

Seriousness now aside I look forward to celebrating with you all… and sorry I’m spilling the beans on this a little early but i’m just sooo excited… err did i mention that already? lol 😀

OH and if you want to get in on the collaboration challenge drop in to the forum here to participate:: http://scrapaddict.forum.st/members-challenges-f73/can-you-help-out-t1384.htm



Fishing and Camping freebies… as requested by Ann ;)
June 10, 2009

GLAD someone made a request i’m loving the challenge of finding things you guys need!! And without further jabbering here we go::

Campfire Quick Page Freebie

*Click Here to Download the Campfire Quick Page Freebie*


Tribute to our Pets and furry Friends…
June 5, 2009

In light of recent sadness in our lives (our landlord decided after we re-newed our lease that we need to reduce the amount of pets we have…. ALL saved cases and now they will meet an unknown future down as the rspca… our hearts are breaking over here…). So from this (and the fact that I have more then 4 dvd’s full of pet pics) I think we should pop the spotlight on our furry friends/pets/furry children (thats what they are/were to us)…


WEDDINGS!!!…. lots and lots of wedding.love freebies!!
May 29, 2009

In celebration of starting our wedding section on the forum I decided to gather up some goodies that relate to weddings and love. There is not alot of wedding freebies out there that are up to my standards lol yeh i can be picky… but in general not alot to pick from so i’ve done a few searches and added things i think would look really good in a wedding journal or photobook.

I have also decided after much searching to make my OWN personal wedding journal that i can write in as the preparations for our wedding go ahead (don’t get too excited though our wedding could be up to 2/2.5 years away lol… but i like to be fully prepared and know exactly what i want so it turns out perfect 🙂 plus having a journal will give me the motivation to keep saving ever so slowly 🙂 )

Look inside for a VERY big list of freebies… and as always download them quickly while they last 😉 Enjoy!