our First Birthday is coming up soon!!!
June 14, 2009

Hi everyone i’m soo excited!!! Our FIRST birthday is nearly here! On the 8th of August we will be celebrating it and with this we have started to change face…SCRAPMOJO.com is our new home we have a website and will be launching a new look/branding on our forum. As you can see the blog has already moved into “ScrapMojo” mode and the new website I put together also reflects the new branding.

The website was a real quick put together and I have some big plans for the new site. I will add more to the website as time goes on… but I am also currently working on a new look for our forum (which will be released on the 08/08/2009) and lots of fun fun for the day of our birthday.

I plan on raising funds (either by selling some items i have lying around that are no longer needed or if you are all generous enough funds donated 😉 ). Giveaways will include one visa gift card, up to 4 gift cards to one or more digiscrap stores, a big collaboration for 1-3 lucky winners of quickpages we have made from some freebies we found online (fingers crossed enough to fill a 30page+ themed book), plus heaps more freebies and credits. So all up i’m looking at raising about $61AU+ ($49US+) for some goodies to give away at our Birthday Celebrations on our forum.  Check the WEBSITE if you are feeling generous and want to donate 😉

Now i need to be serious for a moment. The birthday celebrations WILL be held in a restricted area of the forum. It will only be accessible for members with a minimum of 40 posts. This does not mean come to the forum and slap together 40 posts of spam or gibberish lol… you can try BUT i add the members permissions manually so i’ll know if your posts are just to make post quota or not 😉

Seriousness now aside I look forward to celebrating with you all… and sorry I’m spilling the beans on this a little early but i’m just sooo excited… err did i mention that already? lol 😀

OH and if you want to get in on the collaboration challenge drop in to the forum here to participate:: http://scrapaddict.forum.st/members-challenges-f73/can-you-help-out-t1384.htm



To ALL digiscrap Designers!! This is a CALL out to you ALL!
May 23, 2009

Yeah sounds cheesy but i wanted to extend this link to ALL digiscrap artists… click THIS LINK and head over to this company who are offering you to upload your kits to a very wide audience and add any price you like to them. It’s like having your own online store but with a really big established audience. Great way to make some money i think… and why not you designers are amazing and you deserve the inside info 😉

From what I understand you just upload your kits, add a price and watch the money add up in your account!!  The rest of the work is done for you. They even have a weekly comp where they add up the amount of times your kits/etc have been added to peoples accounts and give out cash prizes:: 1st is $100, 2nd is $50 and 3rd is $20 not bad especially since it’s running weekly!! good odds that!! GOOD LUCK all!!  (Leave me a note if it helped you out pretty please as i’d love to know)

It’s a GIRL!! Misty this is for you :)
May 2, 2009

Well we recently found out that one of our forum members is having a baby girl… so now we can get scrapping on the baby shower scrap for her!… and here is some special find just for you Misty 🙂


Gush fest and some DigiScrap templates OR are they?? ;)
April 7, 2009

Well I just spent all afternoon adding tutorials to our forum and adding a new tutorial reference page so our members can easily find ALL the tutorials and resource lists on our forum in the one place. If your not a member of our forum your missing out I tell you lol 😉 Well jokes aside… you kind of are as there is WAY more freebies and help there then you will even find on our blog… not to mention REALLY great members who are helpful and just great great people to talk to!! (if anyone is interested at the end of this plog post is a FULL list of tutorials and resources we have in our forum 😉 )

One of the things I love about the members is they are just so easy to talk to. And the fact that we are all learning digiscrapping from all levels is fantastic… even though some are really newbies to it all no one ever feels out of place or silly asking questions… 🙂 *sigh* ok enough gushing about our members lol LOVE YOU GUYS!!

OH we currently have a challenge going where we are learning how to use templates for digiscrapping if anyone is interested? We are going to have an ongoing “technique” challenge with no deadline added infrequently from now on. This will help us learn different techniques used if digiscrapping and general photo editing starting at the basics up. Who knows we might all be pros by the end of the year lol.

OK OK enough of all that… where the good stuff your yelling at me?? right?? lol :p The “are they” part of the post title means i got carried away as usual; and we ended up with alot more then just templates in this post lol 😀

HERE it is!! 🙂