It’s about time… RIGHT? ..sorry all.. we’ve been MIA with the flu!! YUK
July 14, 2009

OK so its been WAY too long since the last post i know!!… I deserve a spanking lol… BUT as promised here is some HOT freebies for you all. Before I jump into that though this is just a REMINDER about our tshirt competition. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the winner get a 5% profit from ALL sales made on their tshirt design… over a year that could be a pretty penny!!

So without holding you up any longer 😉 Here they are::


Music runs through my soul….
June 7, 2009

Well I’m sitting here listening to some pick me up music and i’m feeling a little better…. so why not do a big freebies post for you all 😉

I’m humming and harring for themes at the moment… so i’m heading over to the forum and see what themes threads we have and i’ll be back with a theme….. HOW about abc books AND hrm… i’ll come up with the second one while searching lol scratch that i decided to do a total RANDOMNESS post lmao… sooo many goodies on my screen!! i have to share them!!

be back soon to add to this post …. until then enjoy this:: (make your own backgrounds 😉 )